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Karaoke & D.J. service

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Karaoke & D.J. services.

 At Ace we like to make having a party affordable & fun. we will also work with your company budget too. 

Private karaoke.

Always a great hit for Small company Holiday Party's  or just Something that get's everyone involved. 

D.J. Service

Now matter if it's a block party, school dance or a Company party. We Bring it. with all the latest and Greatest music. and Add our Sound and lighting show on top of that. it's a party to remember.

Wedding Service

 It your special your day. And we customize  your party to what you want to hear and even the stuff you don't we cut it out. we will even  M.C. For you too

Sound & Lighting

Got an Event or small band and need a Sound system. We can handle That Too. We can set you up to look and sound your best. Call for Price

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you. We Also have Special Pricing for school's and Non profit organizations for fundraising.



Per 3 hours.

4 hr session

1 karaoke  K.J.

Sound System 

$80.00 Per Hr. After  3 Hrs

Over A 200,000 Song Data Base




Per 4 hours

4 hr session

$75.00 Per Hr. After  4 Hrs.

Sound And  Lighting

Up to 2 D.J.s 




Per 4 hours

4hr session

2 D.j.s

Sound & Lighting

We will also M.C. too.